Association Sportive Automobile  Alès

46th International Hill Clim Col Saint Pierre


 13, 14, 15 APRIL 2018

Live Timings, clik on the tab

01.Entry List                                                                               02.List of Drivers authorised to take part in the practice heats



03.Official practice –1st heat Cat 1                                 04.Official practice –1st heat Cat 2




05.Official practice –2nd heat Cat 1                                 06.Official practice –2nd heat Cat 2



07.Classification Official Pratice Cat1                            08.Classification Official Pratice Cat2



09. Classification 1st Race Heat Cat 1                              10. Classification 1st Race Heat Cat 2



11. Classification 1st Race Heat HICC                               12. Classification 2nd Race Heat Cat 1




13.Provisoire Final Classification Cat 1                             14. Classification 2nd Race Heat Cat 2



15.Classification 2nd Race Heat HICC                                 16.Provisoire Final Classification Cat 2 



17. Provisoire Final Classification HICC                              18. Official Final Classification Cat 1




19.Official Final Classification Cat 2                                       20.Official Final Classification